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About Me

Hi, I’m Kristi Starkey

I’m a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist but you might also call me a marriage counselor, couples counselor, psychotherapist or attachment specialist.

I would like to help you experience being known, loved, accepted and good enough by helping you work through your fear, anxiety, guilt and improve your self-esteem.  Together we will look at how your childhood relationships impact current relationships so that you have the opportunity to take risks and make new choices towards healthy relationships.  

I have worked through my own childhood trauma, abandonment, and adult grief.  I have done the hard work myself and have learned to manage my own feelings of abandonment and gained insight into my own childhood trauma. I have first- hand experience balancing work and family and the challenges and blessings of being a step-mom to a step-son with autism and navigating blended family dynamics.

I would like to walk with you and help you gain the tools so that you will experience greater intimacy in your relationships.  I believe you will have control over your emotions, and will feel empowered in difficult situations. 

That is why I hope you call today to schedule your appointment at 949-922-3352.  I see clients in both Mission Viejo and Costa Mesa, CA. 


Helpful Forms

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